Springfest Show Highlights

Speakers & Lecture Schedule

Choose from the two links below to view the Springfest lecture schedule for 2016. We have a simple version, as well as a detailed version. Feel free to print them and bring them with you to the event!

Lecture Schedule for 2016
Detailed Lecture Schedule for 2016

Special Events – 2016
“Still Life Comes to Life”
Visitors to the 20th annual Springfest Garden Show, March 17-20, 2016 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta, NJ will be treated to an art exhibit unlike anything you will see in a gallery. Each ‘artist’ will try to charm the judges by ‘painting’ a still life using objects and live plants. They will design a vignette within a frame that tells a story, as well as inspire Springfest visitors to create their own ‘works of art’ using the colors and fragrance of nature as their paintbrush.


Competitions & Awards
• People’s Choice Award
• Still Life Competition
• Exhibitor Competition


Come have Lunch at Krave’s Garden Cafe

Kids’ Zone
Much anticipated year after year is The Kids Plant Your Own Zone, where children discover the enjoyment of gardening. An especially popular feature for kids is the Treasure Hunt.

  • Show retires after 20 years. Click here for more information.